Web traffic to Supreme Court spiked 270 percent in last week

Traffic to the Supreme Court's website has more than tripled in the last week as people anxiously await a historic ruling on President Obama's healthcare law.

The number of visitors to the court's website, supremecourt.gov, has jumped 270 percent in just seven days, according to Web information company Alexa.


The court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the healthcare law on Thursday morning.

The website saw a similar spike in traffic in late March, when the court held an unprecedented three days of oral arguments in the case.

Although the court rejected calls to allow television cameras to record the proceeding, it posted audio recordings on its website on the same day as the arguments.

SCOTUSblog, which is providing live coverage of the Supreme Court's decisions, has also seen an explosion of Web traffic. The site, which is written by lawyers and law professors, said it spent $25,000 on additional Web servers to handle the expected crush of attention on Thursday morning.