Napster creator's political startup gears up for product launch

Napster creator's political startup gears up for product launch
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A mysterious political startup founded by Napster creator Sean Parker will release its first product in the next two weeks, Parker said on Tuesday.

“Over the next several weeks, we’re going to put some initial tools on the market,” he said at the Techonomy Policy conference in Washington.


“That said, we’re going to roll out a series of tools over the next year,” he added later. “There’s roughly seven tools that we’ve built, the first of those tools will come in the next, I think it's in the next 14 days.”

The startup Brigade was announced last year and has kept quiet about its plans, not showing the public a product. But company officials have said that it will focus on political organizing, which Parker reiterated on Tuesday.

“We’ve always leveraged our social networks in order to build movements and we’ve done it in person,” he said. “All of that has moved online.”

The company has announced that it will partner with a range of high-profile political groups at launch, including Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform and the veteran-focused Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

But some of the mystery around the firm persisted on Tuesday. When asked what, exactly, Brigade will do, Parker hesitated.

“I’m trying to sort of slightly dodge that,” he said sheepishly.