Uber execs detained by French police

Uber execs detained by French police
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Two Uber executives in France are being detained by authorities over concerns that the company is violating the country's laws.

Uber's general manager for western Europe, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, and Thibaud Simphal, the company’s general manager for France, are speaking with police, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.


“Our general managers for France and Western Europe today attended a hearing with the French police. We are always happy to answer questions the authorities have about our service — and look forward to resolving these issues,” said an Uber representative in a statement.

“Those discussions are ongoing. In the meantime, we’re continuing to ensure the safety of our riders and drivers in France given last week's disturbances.”

France passed a law last year effectively banning Uberpop, the company’s low-cost offering that is akin to UberX in the United States. It is illegal under the law to connect passengers with drivers who lack professional licenses.

Uber has challenged the law in court.

The detention of the two men follows violent protests by French taxi drivers incensed about Uber’s presence in the country. In demonstrations last week, drivers burned tires and reportedly attacked drivers they believed were working for Uber.

Uber has faced regulatory battles around the country and world over its practices, which the taxi industry has fought aggressively. Along the way, they have become known for using aggressive tactics to fight back against legislation they view as hampering their business.

The ridesharing firm is also one of the most valuable venture-backed startups in the country. It is reportedly raising money for a $50 billion valuation.