Obama’s tweet on gay marriage among most popular of 2015

Obama’s tweet on gay marriage among most popular of 2015
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President Obama’s tweet after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide earlier this year was one of the most retweeted messages of 2015.

Obama’s short message applauding the “big step” toward equality was retweeted more than 448,000 times back in June, which ranks at No. 4. It was sandwiched between tweets from members of the band One Direction at Nos. 3 and 5.  

Only one other leader made the Top 10 list. A message from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman after he was crowned in January received 367,915 retweets.

The rest of the list was dominated by celebrities and musicians, primarily One Direction. Half of the Top 10 most retweeted messages came from One Direction band members, including the top three.


Tweets from Kanye West, Leonard Nimoy and Caitlyn Jenner also made the list.

In politics, the top hashtags included one referring to top conservatives on Twitter, gay marriage, Australian politics, leadership and the Republican presidential primary debates.

The top five in order were #tcot, #lovewins, #auspol, #leadership and GOPDebate.