Zuckerberg commits to policing hate speech against migrants

Zuckerberg commits to policing hate speech against migrants
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Facebook can and will do more to take on hate speech against migrants, Mark ZuckerbergMark Elliot ZuckerbergHillicon Valley: Facebook content moderators demand more workplace protections | Ousted cyber official blasts Giuliani press conference | Tech firms fall short on misinformation targeting Latino vote Facebook says AI is aiding platform's ability to remove hate speech Facebook content moderators demand more workplace COVID-19 protections MORE said on Friday during a visit to Berlin.

“But we’re always trying to do better,” he said. “This is an area where we recognize how sensitive it is, especially with the migrant crisis here.”


“There’s still work to do. We want to do that, but I think we hear the message loud and clear, and we’re committed to doing better. There’s not a place for this kind of content on Facebook.”

His comments came during a town hall meeting that was livestreamed around the world and, according to Bloomberg, broadcast on German television.

Facebook and other Internet giants have found themselves under scrutiny for the way they process hate speech during a migrant crisis in Germany and other European countries. Many worry that the platforms aren’t doing enough to stop speech against migrants, many of who are Muslim.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has personally been involved in the effort around the websites, too.

The German government reached a deal with Facebook, Twitter and Google at the end of last year to get them to crack down on hateful comments online.

“One of the things that is unique in Germany is that migrants are a protected class,” Zuckerberg said Friday. “And, frankly, before we started engaging more with government and civil society here in Germany, that wasn’t how we operated around the world.”

He said the company now has hundreds of people working to screen content in Germany for offending material.