Genachowski launches gigabit city challenge

Genachowski said the FCC plans to create an online clearinghouse that will distribute information about how to accelerate the rollout of ultra high-speed fiber Internet nationwide. The commission will also hold workshops with Internet service providers, state and city leaders that are aimed at helping them bring gigabit speeds to their communities.

Around 42 communities in 14 states have an ultra-high speed fiber Internet service available, the FCC said, citing figures from the Fiber to the Home Council. Google currently offers an ultra high-speed Internet service, known as Google Fiber, in Kansas City.

Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, voiced support for Genachowski's challenge.

"The innovation economy of the 21st century that thrives in our city depends on creating a connected country, and the FCC’s efforts will help provide needed technological advancement that will create jobs and benefit the residents of San Francisco," Lee said in a statement.