White House to study growing influence of artificial intelligence

White House to study growing influence of artificial intelligence
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The influence of artificial intelligence is growing, the White House said Tuesday while announcing it would start digging into the issue. 

The White House will hold a series of meeting over the summer and come out with a report this year highlighting the benefits and regulatory implications of the evolving technology, according to deputy chief Technology Officer Ed Felton


“There are tremendous opportunities and an array of considerations across the Federal Government in privacy, security, regulation, law, and research and development to be taken into account when effectively integrating this technology into both government and private-sector activities,” Felton said in a blog post

He noted a range of policy areas where it AI could help — including medicine, education, self-driving cars and drones. 

“Like any transformative technology, however, artificial intelligence carries some risk and presents complex policy challenges along several dimensions, from jobs and the economy to safety and regulatory questions,” he said. 

The White House will hold four workshops on the issue around the country — including Seattle, Pittsburgh and New York City. The only one being held in Washington, D.C., will explore “artificial intelligence for social good.” It is scheduled for June 7. 

The other workshops will look at legal issues, safety and social and economic implications. 

The National Science and Technology Council has also created a subcommittee to study how AI can be used for the public good. Its first meeting is next week. 

Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly important field of study. Just recently Facebook named it among its top three priorities for the next 10 years.