Europe preps new rules for Netflix: reports

Europe preps new rules for Netflix: reports
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A new European proposal could require Netflix and other video-on-demand services to make sure at least 20 percent of their catalogues consist of European programs and films, according to the Financial Times and Reuters.

The EU is reportedly planning to unveil the revamped broadcasting rules next week. In addition to the requirements on their catalogue, on-demand video services would reportedly have to guarantee the “prominence” of European content.


The proposal would also allow European countries to make on-demand services provide funds meant to support the production of programming in some cases. Countries can currently only levy fees like that if a video service is headquartered in their territory.

An internal European Commission study had found that Netflix has a catalogue that consists of more than 20 percent European films, Reuters said.

So far, some of the rules that apply to traditional broadcasters haven’t covered the video-on-demand space, which is dominated by American companies.

The move would come as American tech companies remain at odds with European officials. Among others, Google is currently staring down two antitrust cases leveled by European regulators.