Dell Wyse leader: A force of nature


Today, a new division known as Dell Wyse leads the company’s efforts on cloud client computing. Maner is running it, and running it at hyper speed judging by how fast he talks.

What is the future of computing?

“The future is full of opportunity because people want information that is social, mobile, virtual, contextual and converged,” Maner says faster that it can be read. “We want to provide that information end-to-end for private, public, consumers, enterprises, education, health care. All of it.”

The evening of our interview, he was most jazzed about a new product, code-named Project Ophelia. The little device does seem pretty cool. About the size of a USB memory stick, it enables users to convert any capable TV or monitor into a functioning interactive personal display device without using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Our price point will probably be under $100,” Maner says by way of warm up. “But, honestly, I hope we can eventually give it away. It is a tool for the real value: social-mobile-virtual-contextual-converged information anywhere you are.”

This is just one example of constant innovation in Maner’s world.

“I came to the US in 1990 to get my MBA. And today I live in the absolute best place in the world,” he says. “Tons of innovation, tons of opportunity. Everywhere!”

“I go to Starbucks and talk to 19- and 20-year-old kids who are innovating and creating. Fabulous!” (My reaction: Tarkan, you do need caffeine!)

Maner plans to be more visible in DC talking up Dell’s approach to cloud computing for federal agencies in particular, and innovation in general. That will be an opportunity for readers to witness this force of nature first hand.

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