FTC releases updated guidance for mobile, online advertisers

The last time the commission issued guidance on these so-called dot com disclosures was in 2000, years before the launch of Facebook or the iPhone.

In the updated guidance, the commission says hyperlinks should be avoided when it comes to disclosing information about the cost of a product on ads, or when comes to heath or safety disclosures. If hyperlinks are used, the report says advertisers should place it near relevant information and make it noticeable to consumers.

It also warns against including disclosures in pop-ups, which people often block on their Web browsers. 

In addition, advertisers should take into account whether people will able to scroll down on a webpage or a mobile site to read about a product's disclosure information, the report says. It notes that people may not be prompted to scroll down on a webpage depending on the type of browser or mobile device they're using.

The guidance also warns against advertisers using banners to lead to disclosures. Instead, the guidelines advise them to include the disclosure information within the banner ad itself.