Washington state AG accuses Comcast of deceiving customers

Washington state AG accuses Comcast of deceiving customers
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The state of Washington’s attorney general on Monday said he was filing a more than $100 million lawsuit against Comcast for deceiving consumers.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D) said Comcast misrepresented its supplemental service plan to customers, causing them to mistakenly believe it covered repairs costs that it did not.


The attorney general’s office alleged that Comcast said it included repairs made to inside wiring, when it actually did not cover wiring inside walls. It also alleged that the company overstated the extent to which the $4.99 per month service plan covered other types of repairs.

“I won’t allow Comcast to continue to put profits above customers — and the law,” Ferguson said in a statement.

The lawsuit also covers what it alleged were inappropriate service fees and “improper” credit checks performed by Comcast.

The cable giant defended its record in a statement.

“The Service Protection Plan has given those Washington consumers who chose to purchase its great value by completely covering over 99% of their repair calls,” a Comcast spokesperson said. “We worked with the Attorney General’s office to address every issue they raised, and we made several improvements based on their input.

“Given that we were committed to continue working collaboratively with the Attorney General’s office, we’re surprised and disappointed that they have instead chosen litigation.”