Google rolls out new tool in voter turnout push

Google rolls out new tool in voter turnout push
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Google rolled out a new tool on Thursday that lets users know who is on the ballot and where to vote in their state on Election Day.


Users who search “who’s on my ballot,” and “where to vote” or similarly worded phrases will be prompted with information boxes breaking down candidate profiles. They will also see polling locations based on addresses they provide.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based tech company is offering project data for free to anyone interested in building more tools to foster political engagement.

This isn’t Google’s first venture into increasing voter participation. In August, the tech behemoth introduced a similarly styled voting aid when users searched the phrase “how to vote.” That search brings up a summary box that provides information on when and how to register to vote.

Facebook has also made attempts to drive voter engagement. Election officials told The New York Times that Facebook reminders to register to vote substantially drove up registration numbers.

Facebook also placed a get-out-the-vote prompt on its website in 2010, which resulted in 340,000 extra ballots being cast, according to one study.

Google has its sights on more than just increased engagement, though. The company has eyed political polling, pushing its in-house surveys to staffers and operatives on presidential and congressional campaigns.