Samsung goes to airports to help exchange Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung goes to airports to help exchange Galaxy Note 7s
© Screenshot/Android Authority

Samsung will give travelers at some airports the ability to trade in their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, after the phones were banned on planes because of instances in which the devices caught fire.

A Samsung spokesperson said that certain “frequently” visited airports would feature the stations where users can turn in the phones.


“We are providing support to Galaxy Note7 owners by exchanging their devices or refunding them in a wide range of places, including at some of the most frequently visited airports around the country,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“But we urge all Galaxy Note7 owners to exchange their device or obtain a refund before they arrive at their airport," the statement added. "We know this is an inconvenience to our customers but their safety has to remain our top priority."

It was unclear exactly what airports Samsung is targeting. Local outlets in San Francisco reported that company representatives were on hand at the city’s airport to facilitate the exchange of devices.

The exchanges take place at the airport before security checkpoints, according to ABC7.

It’s the latest development in the saga over the Note 7, which was pulled from production earlier this month after reports of the device exploding and has become a public relations drag for the company. Regulators in the United States banned the possession of one of the phones on airplanes last week.