Twitter says new safety tools coming in November

Twitter says new safety tools coming in November
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Twitter says it will roll out new tools focused on safety, a persistent problem for the company, next month.

“For the past few months our team has been working hard to build the most important safety features and updating our safety policies to give people more control over their Twitter experience,” the company said in a Thursday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
“Next month, we will be sharing meaningful updates to our safety policy, our product, and enforcement strategy.”
A spokesperson declined to comment beyond the filing.

It comes as Twitter works to combat abuse and harassment on its platform. The company has reportedly struggled to balance its commitment to unfettered speech with curbing abuse. Executives have long acknowledged the concerns.

It has made policy changes and offered some new tools to users concerned about the problem, but harassment persists. Much of the objectionable content has been targeted at women and people of color, including celebrities like actress and comedian Leslie Jones, who briefly left the platform this year after she was the target of racist and sexist harassment.


That has sometimes taken a toll on the business, according to reports. Bloomberg reported earlier this month that entertainment giant Disney backed away from a possible acquisition of Twitter because of concerns about abuse on the platform.