Google searches for election results offer fake news site

Google searches for election results offer fake news site
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Google searches for final presidential election results directed users to a fake news website with incorrect numbers on Monday.

When users type in "final vote count 2016," the top item on Google News's search results is a blog called 70 News that incorrectly says Donald TrumpDonald TrumpFormer New York state Senate candidate charged in riot Trump called acting attorney general almost daily to push election voter fraud claim: report GOP senator clashes with radio caller who wants identity of cop who shot Babbitt MORE won both the Electoral College and the popular vote.


The story, first reported by Mediaite, is drawing scrutiny on Google's search algorithm and adding fuel to criticisms that social media and search engines promoted incorrect news stories during the campaign.

Searches for “final election results” and “final voting results” also displayed the fake news story earlier in the day. Now those searches results return a Washington Post story on 70 News as the top item.

Despite the false story showing up prominently in Google News, the company has a summary box above the results displays the correct numbers.

“To all the liberal loonies still rioting because you claim Trump did not get the popular vote, get your meds now and prepare to be shocked because the finals results are in,” the 70 News post’s author wrote, citing numbers from a tweet.

The tweet's author cites as the source, a pro-Trump website that doesn’t actually include the aforementioned numbers.

Facebook has also received significant scrutiny in the 2016 election for fake news stories on its platform. The criticism has reportedly caught the attention and concern of senior officials at the company.