Salesforce's Benioff joins TechNet executive council

“We are thrilled to welcome Marc Benioff to our executive council. Marc is a business pioneer who represents the best of our nation's deep history of entrepreneurship and innovation," said Alix Burns, acting CEO of TechNet, in a statement. "We look forward to working with Marc on national and state issues that are so critical to the continued growth of our economy and cutting-edge discovery."


TechNet's executive council includes major players from the tech industry, such as Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith, and helps determine the policy priorities of the group. TechNet represents major tech companies in Washington, such as Apple and Google, but also counts smaller players like Craigslist as a member, as well as Stanford University.

The trade group is currently searching for its next CEO after its former leader Rey Ramsey stepped down in April.