Aereo to expand service to Utah

Aereo has been embroiled in legal battles this year with broadcasters, who claim that the company is infringing on their copyrighted content. Major broadcasters—including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC — argue that Aereo must pay for permission to rebroadcast their signals like cable and satellite providers already do, or its service should be shut down completely.
Aereo lets customers record and watch network television on their smartphones, tablets and computers for a small monthly fee. The company uses tiny antennas to pick up free, over-the-air broadcast TV signals.

The company's service is already available in New York, Boston and Atlanta.

Last week a federal appeals court denied a petition from TV broadcasters to reconsider a decision that allows Aereo to continue its operations. The broadcasters' suit against Aereo will proceed to a trial in U.S. District Court. 

Brendan Sasso contributed to this report