Hill IT vendor to sell data software

Hill IT vendor to sell data software
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The largest vendor of constituent management software on Capitol Hill will partner with a data analytics firm whose software hopes to create unlikely bonds among lawmakers.
Leidos, the company that sells the constituent management system IQ to Congressional offices, will begin selling Quorum Analytics on Capitol Hill, the two companies said Monday. 
The Quorum program is a comprehensive database of legislative information that tracks bills and public statements in Washington and in legislative chambers around the country. The database, its co-founder said, can connect legislators who support the same policy goals who might not otherwise have found each other.
“Quorum really represents a new approach for congressional offices that not only saves them time, but allows them to be a little more data-driven,” said Alex Wirth, who co-founded the company. Members “are going to have a greater likelihood of finding cosponsors for legislation or finding unsuspected allies.”

Leidos’s IQ program is used by about 60 percent of Capitol Hill offices, and by about 40 percent of governor’s offices around the country. 
“What is really important to understand here is that data analytics make government organizations stronger. It helps us make better and more effective decisions,” said Angie Heise, a senior Leidos executive. The new partnership, she said, will help legislators “find common ground and promot[e] collaboration in both legislative and executive branches of government.”