FAA proposes $91,000 fine for Amazon over hazardous materials

FAA proposes $91,000 fine for Amazon over hazardous materials
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing fining Amazon $91,000 for potentially violating hazardous material regulations.  
Amazon allegedly attempted to ship undeclared hazardous materials on FedEx air transportation in May of last year, the FAA said in a Thursday release. 
The chemicals in question were more than two gallons of toxic clear diesel fuel and tank cleaner. Workers at a FedEx facility in Sioux Falls, S.D., found the shipment leaking.
The FAA is accusing Amazon of failing to declare the chemicals as hazardous and not packaging them properly, as well as not providing the necessary emergency response and not making sure that its employees had proper hazardous material training. 
Amazon has been in contact with the agency regarding the case.
The fine would not be Amazon's first wrist slap by the agency. The FAA has levied 22 civil penalties totaling over $1.4 million against the company since 2013.