Internet lobby hires longtime Pelosi aide

Internet lobby hires longtime Pelosi aide
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The Internet Association, a trade group representing tech giants like Google and Facebook, on Thursday announced the hiring of a longtime aide to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Michael Bloom was a senior adviser to Pelosi and served as her deputy policy director during her tenure as House Speaker.

“For almost 12 years, Michael Bloom’s astute, strategic judgement has strengthened my office and the House Democratic Caucus,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Across a wide portfolio of issues and responsibilities, Michael has provided expertise and insight. Michael is a trusted and beloved resource for our Members, and we will sorely miss his wise counsel and good humor in the battles ahead."


The new hire comes as the Internet Association is gearing up for the expected Republican assault on the Obama administration's 2015 net neutrality rules, which require internet service providers to treat all traffic equally. 

"Michael’s extensive legislative experience will be an important asset to our bipartisan team as we advocate for policies that help the internet economy grow and thrive," Gina Woodworth, the group's vice president of public policy, said in a statement. 

"We look forward to gaining Michael's unique perspective and insight on behalf of our member companies and the millions of internet users they serve."