Car-for-hire app Uber joins The Internet Association


“The Internet’s low-barrier to entry has empowered entrepreneurial companies like Uber to transform industries across economic sectors and enhance consumer choice,” he said in a statement.

“Uber showcases what an innovative company can do to promote competition and drive economic growth and job creation. We are happy to have them join our voice as we fight to bring down short-sighted barriers that deter innovative progress.”

Uber, which allows customers to order black sedans and SUVs through mobile apps, has gone head-to-head with taxi commissions and regulators nationwide. The San Francisco-based company launched in 2010 and currently operates in 42 cities worldwide.

Earlier this summer, the Federal Trade Commission warned the District of Columbia’s taxicab commission that its proposed rules dictating how individuals could digitally hail and pay car services — such as Uber — might be overly restrictive.

The Internet Association, which formed last year, spent $800,000 on lobbying in the first half of 2013. The association says it works to advance Internet freedom and advocates for issues that “foster innovation and economic development and empower users,” it says.

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