Uber to stop operating in Denmark

Uber to stop operating in Denmark
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Uber will discontinue its ride-hailing service in Denmark next month.

The company is pulling out of the country as a result of a new law that requires drivers to have fee meters, it told Reuters.

Uber said in a statement, however, that it’s still interested in operating there.

"For us to operate in Denmark again the proposed regulations need to change,” Uber said. “We will continue to work with the government in the hope that they will update their proposed regulations and enable Danes to enjoy the benefits of modern technologies like Uber."

Uber also noted that it was taking steps to help drivers transition before its service ends on April 18.

"Our top priority is supporting the drivers who use Uber during this difficult time," the company said.  

Uber will retain a software development center in Aarhus, Denmark that employs 40 people. 


The ride-hailing and autonomous car company has faced hurdles in the country over the last several years, the news service noted. Taxi companies, Danish politicians and drivers unions have hammered Uber, complaining that it flouted regulations that taxi companies are subject to.

Some Danish government officials, however lamented Uber’s departure.

"It is a shame, that there was not a majority in favor of the government's proposal for a significant liberalization of the taxi law, which would have made it easier for Uber and similar ride services to operate legally in Denmark," Transport Minister Ole Birk Olesen said in a statement.

The company was indicted by Denmark in December for allegedly assisting drivers in breaking taxi laws. That case is still pending.