Pro-patent groups raise concerns with Goodlatte reform bill

“The covered business method program created by the America Invents Act has only been in operation for slightly more than one year,” he said. 

“There is no evidence at this early juncture to suggest that the program is not working or needs to be changed or extended.”

Pomper said his group “believes our patent system should not discriminate against any particular class of patents by subjecting certain patents to additional costly administrative proceedings in the USPTO and potentially exposing their owners to serial validity challenges.”

The expansion of the review process “risks undermining innovation incentives by disrupting the patent system itself,” Matt Reid, senior vice president for external affairs of BSA-The Software Alliance, said in a statement.

“We share the Chairman’s desire to protect innocent customers, but we are concerned that proposed language to provide customer stays could inadvertently create loopholes that bad actors will use to game the system.”

The Innovation Alliance and BSA were behind last month’s letter to key members of Congress, including Goodlatte, warning of the harms of expanding the patent review process.