House Dem calls on FCC chairman to reveal net neutrality plans

House Dem calls on FCC chairman to reveal net neutrality plans
© Keren Carrion

Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce technology panel, wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on Monday calling on him to inform Congress about his plans to roll back the 2015 net neutrality rules amid Pai's meetings with representatives from the tech and telecom industries on the issue.

“I request that your office fully brief Congress about these discussions and document any conversations that you have had with outside groups on the issue of rolling back, or in any way modifying, the FCC’s current net neutrality protections,” Doyle wrote.


Pai told reporters last week that he had been meeting with representatives from both sides of the debate to try to find “common ground” on addressing the net neutrality rules, which require internet service providers to treat all internet traffic equally. 

He would not reveal exactly what was discussed during the meetings, saying that since they did not pertain to an open FCC proceeding he is not required to disclose the discussions.

The FCC chairman has been an outspoken opponent of the net neutrality rules, which were put in place during the Obama administration and requires internet service providers to handle all data the same way.

“Regardless of what was or was not discussed in your meetings, the Commission has a greater duty to brief Congress,” Doyle wrote. “In response to a letter from my office earlier this year, you noted that ‘the Commission is a creature of Congress, and it is therefore important that we keep Congress informed about what the FCC is doing.”

Pai is reportedly expected to unveil his proposal to undo the rules during a speech on Wednesday.