Facebook reportedly debuting TV-like shows next month

Facebook reportedly debuting TV-like shows next month
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Facebook is reportedly set to premiere several TV-like shows in June in a push to bring more original content to the social media giant.

Multiple people familiar with the project told Business Insider that Facebook will have about two dozen shows for the initial push and has authorized multiple shows for production.

Sources also told the outlet that the social media website is seeking to develop both the short 5-10 minute shows that would refresh on the daily basis and longer, high-budget productions that would be suitable for a home television experience.

Facebook's video project comes amid a tight race between companies such as Amazon, YouTube and Snapchat that are attempting to provide users with high-quality, premium video programming.


The publication also noted that the move would mean that Facebook will play a more hands-on role in overseeing content that appears on its site.

The social media giant has seen significant success with many of its video features, including an auto-play mechanic that quickly connects users watching a short video to other viral or relevant content.

Multiple people briefed on the plans told Business Insider that Facebook has tapped several A-list celebrities to appear in some of the planned shows.

Sources also said that the caliber of shows pitched to Facebook for its high tier programming are similar to the quality of Netflix's "House of Cards."