Reports: Google said to be facing record $1.2B fine from EU

Reports: Google said to be facing record $1.2B fine from EU
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The European Union is planning to hand Google what could be a record $1.2 billion fine this week after a years-long battle with the internet giant over its search practices, according to multiple reports.

European regulators have accused Google of favoring its own shopping services over those of competitors in its search results.


“We continue to engage constructively with the European Commission and we believe strongly that our innovations in online shopping have been good for shoppers, retailers and competition," a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

The European Commission, the EU’s regulatory arm, declined to comment.

According to the Financial Times, which first reported the news, Brussels is likely to hand down the fine on Wednesday.

The EU is also conducting separate investigations into whether Google promoted its own advertising services over others and also whether its Android operating system engaged in similar anticompetitive practices.

The search company managed to avoid a similar regulatory crackdown here in the U.S. in 2013 when the Federal Trade Commission concluded after its own investigation that Google had not violated antitrust law in its search practices.