Uber rolls out in-app tipping

Uber rolls out in-app tipping

Uber on Thursday rolled out a feature that allows riders in over 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada to tip drivers through their app.

Among the major cities included are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Toronto.

The move reverses the ride-hailing company's long-held stance against letting users tip their drivers through the app.

Uber resisted calls from consumers to allow in-app tipping, even as rivals such as Lyft offered the option. It even became an issue in the companies' battle to recruit drivers, with Lyft boasting about the amount its drivers earned.

But Uber finally reversed course after a rocky stretch for the company. In recent months, Uber has been hit by a number of scandals and controversies, culminating in founder Travis Kalanick stepping down as CEO.

Uber has also suffered losses in its overall share of the ride-hailing market, though it’s still the dominant app.


In an email to drivers, Uber said that tipping was a part of a larger campaign called “180 days of change” aimed at meeting more of their requests, reports The Verge. 

A recent report showed Uber driver retention dropped sharply in the past year.

“Some changes will be big, some will be small — all will be the changes you’ve asked for,” the email read.

Riders will have the option to retroactively tip their drivers up to 30 days after their trip. Tipping will also now be available on Uber’s food delivery service, UberEats, but users will only have seven days to back tip.

Uber first announced its intention to allow in-app tipping earlier this month. At the time, the company stressed tipping was "completely optional, but always appreciated."

The company says that it will make tipping available in all U.S. and Canadian cities by the end of July.