Google Chrome to start cutting down on autoplay videos

Google will soon start blocking some web videos from automatically playing on its Chrome internet browser.

Chrome on Thursday announced in a blog post that Chrome 64, which is set to be released in January, will block autoplay videos unless "the media won't play sound, or the user has indicated an interest in the media."

That interest is based on whether the user has clicked somewhere on the site during the session or has frequently viewed media on the site in the past. The Chrome mobile app will also take into account whether users have added the particular site to their home screen.

The browser will also soon allow users to permanently disable audio from particular websites.

The new development could be a significant shift for the online ad market. Many users see autoplay as a nuisance, while publishers are increasingly looking to video to boost their sites.

"These changes will give users greater control over media playing in their browser, while making it easier for publishers to implement autoplay where it benefits the user," the blog post reads.

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