Ford, Lyft announce new partnership

Ford, Lyft announce new partnership
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Lyft and Ford announced a new partnership on Wednesday that the companies say will lead to Ford's driverless technology being deployed for Lyft's customers.

“We expect that our partnership with Lyft will accelerate our efforts to build a profitable and viable self-driving vehicle business,” Sherif Marakby, Ford’s vice president of autonomous vehicles, wrote in a blog post

“With Lyft’s network and respected brand experience, we expect our ability to scale self-driving vehicles will play a critical role in safely bringing this technology — and its many benefits — to mainstream consumers.”


Marakby said that the two companies are already working together to map out how the technology would be deployed on Lyft’s system. 

Still, the partnership is in its early stages, he said, and Lyft's customers won't be seeing driverless cars until “we are certain our technology delivers a positive, reassuring experience where we can gain meaningful feedback.”

“When ready, we’ll have self-driving cars operating alongside Lyft’s current community of drivers to help accommodate times of significant consumer demand to ensure that transportation remains timely and affordable,” Marakby wrote.