Facebook suspends rapper Lil B for race-related posts

Facebook suspends rapper Lil B for race-related posts
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Facebook has banned the San Francisco Bay Area rapper Lil B from its platform for 30 days for violating the social network's hate speech policies.

The rapper shared with The Hill screenshots of the posts that Facebook used to justify his suspension.

“White people are the only ones who really love they guns U can tell they are violent people! I don’t live in fear I don’t need a gun - Lil B,” read one of the posts that he wrote in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"White people so scared they the reason why guns are a problem if white people put down the gunze we all be safe but nope! They vilent (sic) - Lil B," reads another.

Lil B has previously posted critical statements about race, without reprimand from Facebook.

"Thats why everyone love Tomi Lauren shes a relatable country bumpkin white girl from background with numbers and statistics yehaw (sic)," the rapper wrote on Oct. 2.

"See the things is white folks are really scared! U no all the white people feel like they are frail blonde gifts from God ! LOL - Lil B," reads another post from the same day.

Neither post has been taken down.

Facebook explained in a conversation with Motherboard that its decision was based on its “race-neutral” policies.

"I think if you were to change 'white' to something else, like 'black people are the problem, they're so violent'—if you just took a step back and replaced it with anything else, those are the type of things that our hate speech policies are intended to capture and they apply equally to all races," Facebook spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja told the publication.

A ProPublica report in May shed light on the enormous list of categories and rules Facebook uses to determine what is and isn’t hate speech on its platform. Facebook has struggled to apply the rules, and the company's classifications have led to complaints of arbitrary judgement.

In October, ProPublica reported that Facebook’s ad platform allowed advertisers to exclude black, Hispanic and Asian Americans from viewing their housing ads. In May, another ProPublica report charged that Facebook’s ad tools let advertisers easily target racist individuals.

A coalition of black lawmakers who are frustrated with the company's decisions and inaction on matters regarding race will press Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg on the matter during a meeting on Thursday.