Uber files appeal to continue operating in London

Uber files appeal to continue operating in London
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Uber filed an appeal against London banning it from operating in the city on Friday. The company said it filed an appeal with the Westminster Magistrate’s Court.

The city’s transportation regulator, Transport for London, decided to not renew the ridesharing firm’s license to operate in the city on Sept. 22, on the grounds that it believed Uber did not do enough to ensure passenger safety.

The city had specifically taken issue with Uber’s methods on reporting criminal offenses and its background checks of drivers.

The regulator also said that it did not find Uber’s explanation of Greyball — controversial software Uber used to circumvent regulator oversight — to be sufficient.

“We hope to continue having constructive discussions with Transport for London,” Uber said in an emailed statement on Friday. “We are determined to make things right.”

Uber’s license to operate in London was set to expire on Sept. 30, but its service will still be available until the end of the of the legal process, which could take up to a year or longer.

Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi spoke with the Transport for London commissioner earlier in October.

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has said that he’s behind the decision to ban Uber but has welcomed comments by Khosrowshahi that under his leadership the company is moving forward from its previous missteps. 

Over the past year, the company has battled numerous PR crises culminating in the ouster of its former CEO Travis Kalanick.