James Comey drops secret alias on Twitter

James Comey drops secret alias on Twitter
© Greg Nash

Former FBI Director James Comey personalized his Twitter account on Monday, dropping the pseudonym he had used to keep it secret. 

“Here’s my new handle,” Comey tweeted. “Glad to be part of the Twitterverse. Grateful to Reinhold for the cover these last few years.”

The biography on the verified account reads: “Former FBI Director, current husband and father, writing and speaking about ethical leadership, taller and funnier in person.” 


President Trump fired Comey as FBI director in May.

Comey previously used the handle @FormerBu and the name Reinhold Niebuhr, a reference to the American theologian and ethicist who was the subject of Comey’s college thesis.

Comey’s friend confirmed the account was him in October, when he tweeted a photo of himself standing in the middle of an Iowa road.

In addition to the new handle, Comey on Monday changed the previously stock avatar graphic to one of himself. He also uploaded a cover photo promoting his upcoming book, which will be released next spring.