Twitter reports disrupted service amid uproar in Pakistan

Twitter reports disrupted service amid uproar in Pakistan
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Twitter said Saturday that some of its users had experienced disrupted service in Pakistan after reports that the government blocked social media sites in the country amid violent clashes between police and protesters near the capital of Islamabad.

"We are aware of reports that the Pakistani government has taken action to block Twitter service, as well as other social media services, and that users are having difficulty using Twitter in Pakistan," Twitter announced via its public policy account. "We are monitoring the situation and hope service will be fully restored soon."

A Pakistani government body that regulates electronic media took TV broadcasts off the air while major sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were blocked as violence broke out, according The Associated Press


Hundreds of police moved in to disperse supporters of an Islamist group who have been blocking a key intersection near the capital for nearly 20 days, demanding that one of the nation's law ministers resign.  

At least six people have been killed and nearly 200 people, mostly police, have reportedly been injured in the clashes, mostly from injuries caused by stoning and tear gas. 

Pakistan's Interior Ministry called on army troops to aid police in ending the protests, state TV reported, but no signs of the troops have yet to be seen. 

The protest near Islamabad spurred similar demonstrations in other cities in Pakistan, bringing them to a virtual halt, the AP reported.