Uber paid to keep data breach secret: report

Uber paid to keep data breach secret: report

A 20-year-old Florida man was responsible for the data breach at Uber last year, and was paid $100,000 to destroy the information, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The ride-sharing company announced last month that a hacker had stolen the personal data of 57 million passengers and 600,000 drivers in October 2016.

The company then paid the hacker $100,000 to destroy the information, but did not notify those affected by the breach.


Reuters was unable to establish the identity of the hacker or another person who sources said helped him. Uber declined to comment on the matter to the news outlet.

Three Uber security managers were fired following the breach.

Five states and multiple countries are investigating the matter, as the incident would’ve triggered laws requiring the company to notify consumers or government agencies after breaches.