Senior Google researcher suspended amid sexual harassment claims: report

Senior Google researcher suspended amid sexual harassment claims: report
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An artificial intelligence researcher at Google has been suspended from the company after being accused of sexual harassment.

According to Bloomberg, Steven Scott, a senior researcher at the tech giant, was accused of inappropriately grabbing a woman at a conference in 2010 and taking advantage of another on two separate occasions.

The woman, data scientist Kristian Lum, made the allegations against Scott in a post on the website Medium, in which she identified him only as "S." Bloomberg later confirmed the person's identity as Scott.


In the post, Lum said that Scott also pressured her friend to have sex with him, allegedly arguing that doing so would be okay, because he was married and she was engaged.

Scott referred Bloomberg to Google's public relations team when asked to comment. A spokeswoman for Google told Bloomberg that the company is investigating the allegations.

Scott has reportedly been suspended from the company while Google investigates.

Lum's account came as a number of high-profile men in business, politics, media and other industries face allegations of sexual misconduct. Such allegations have prompted a widespread push to crackdown on such conduct, particularly in the workplace.

Also in her Medium post, Lum said that an academic – later identified as University of Minnesota professor Bradley Carlin, according to Bloomberg – touched her inappropriately at the same conference and later sent her suggestive messages on Facebook.

Carlin referred questions to the university, according to Bloomberg. The school said that it was aware of the matter.