Google Chrome browser to start blocking ads in February

Google Chrome browser to start blocking ads in February
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Google’s Chrome browser will soon be removing advertisements from sites that fall short of industry standards, the company announced Tuesday.

In June, Google revealed its plans to have the browser start blocking certain types of ads, like autoplay videos. On Tuesday, the company said that starting Feb. 15, the browser would block all ads on sites that repeatedly show autoplay videos and full-page or pop-up ads.


The standards were proposed by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that includes technology and media companies. If Google finds that a site is failing to meet the coalition’s advertising standards for more than 30 days, Chrome will remove all ads from that site.

Sites will be able to appeal their status to Google after they change their advertising practices.

The move may be popular among internet users who are annoyed by obtrusive ads, but it could also bring opposition from sites that rely on revenue streams from such ads.