Twitter defends ‘enforcing our rules without bias’ after undercover video release


Twitter is maintaining its commitment to imposing company rules “without bias” after an undercover video purported to show an employee saying he would turn over President Trump’s tweets and direct messages to the Department of Justice.

“We deplore the deceptive and underhanded tactics by which this footage was obtained and selectively edited to fit a pre-determined narrative,” a spokesperson for the social media platform said to the International Business Times.

“Twitter is committed to enforcing our rules without bias and empowering every voice on our platform, in accordance with the Twitter Rules.”

The statement comes after a video claimed to show a Twitter employee suggesting the social media company would provide the Justice Department with President Trump’s deleted tweets and direct messages.

Project Veritas, a conservative group founded by James O’Keefe that is known for selectively editing video and performing undercover operations, posted the video on Tuesday.

“We’re more than happy to help the Department of Justice in their little investigation,” Clay Haynes, who is described as a senior network security engineer in the footage, can be heard telling a woman.

Twitter in its statement to the International Business Times said the comments in the video do not represent the social media company. 

“The individual depicted in this video was speaking in a personal capacity and does not represent or speak for Twitter,” the statement said. 

“Twitter only responds to valid legal requests, and does not share any user information with law enforcement without such a request.”

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