Facebook exec to retire, help Dems in midterms

Facebook exec to retire, help Dems in midterms
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A top Facebook executive announced this week that he would be stepping down from the company in part to focus on helping Democrats in this year’s midterm elections.

Gary Briggs, Facebook’s chief marketing officer (CMO), wrote in a post on Monday that he also plans to advise some companies and will consider teaching in his retirement.

“We’re going to travel some and start to split our time in and out of the Bay Area and Seattle,” Briggs wrote, referring to his family's plans.

“And I plan to help the Democratic Party on some efforts leading up to the US midterms this year through to 2020.”

Briggs did not elaborate on what exactly those plans will involve.

Briggs joined Facebook in 2013 from Google, where he also served as a top marketing executive for Motorola, the internet giant’s then-subsidiary.

“I am so grateful for my 4 1/2 years as CMO at Facebook and will work now on hiring my successor,” he wrote. “It’s an amazing job at an amazing time with the best marketing team.”

Briggs said he would stay at Facebook until his replacement is found.