Some Google employees say tech giant doing little to address harassment: report

Some Google employees say tech giant doing little to address harassment: report
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Some Google employees say that top executives at the company have failed to respond aggressively to complaints about harassment from co-workers and outsiders amid an internal fight over diversity at the tech giant.

According to a Wired report, several employees at Google said they have been subjected to online harassment, with screenshots from the company's internal discussion forums appearing on websites such as Breitbart.

On discussion forums like 4chan, diversity advocates at Google have had their names linked with social media accounts, and at least three employees had their personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, revealed. 


Diversity advocates at Google also told Wired that some co-workers have provoked them into making inflammatory or controversial comments, then reported those statements to human resources.

Employees who have found themselves on the receiving end of such alleged harassment said they have complained to Google executives, but have not heard back about the status of those complaints. 

One former employee at Google, James Damore, who was fired, claims that the company discriminates against whites, males and conservatives. That alleged discrimination is the subject of a lawsuit filed by Damore against the company earlier this month. 

That lawsuit, which also includes screenshots from Google's internal discussion forums, claims rampant anti-white, anti-conservative bias at the company. 

A spokesperson for Google told Wired that the company had met with those employees who had expressed concern about harassment.