House votes to reauthorize FCC

House votes to reauthorize FCC
© Greg Nash

The House on Tuesday voted to reauthorize the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), passing bipartisan legislation that includes provisions aimed at boosting the development of 5G networks and new funds for the agency’s spectrum incentive auction.

If the bill passes, it will be the first time Congress has approved a reauthorization for the FCC in 28 years. The House approved it by voice vote Tuesday afternoon.

The legislation, called the Ray Baum Act, is named after the late staff director for the House Commerce Committee, who passed away from cancer last month.

It includes language from the Mobile Now Act, which has stalled since passing the Senate in August, that would identify more spectrum airwaves for commercial use towards 5G development.

The package also authorizes funds for radio and television broadcasters affected by the FCC incentive auction.