Former Uber CEO announces new investment fund

Former Uber CEO announces new investment fund
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Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on Wednesday announced a new investment fund that will focus on real estate, e-commerce and other tech in China and India.

Kalanick’s fund, called 10100, will encompass both his for-profit and nonprofit ventures, all tied together by the “overarching theme of large-scale job creation,” according to his announcement on Twitter.

Kalanick was pushed out as the ride-hailing company's CEO in July, but still maintains a presence at the company with board positions that he controls. Kalanick left Uber after it dealt with a series of public relations disasters and scandals over its treatment of women, Kalanick’s own behavior and a slew of other issues.

Former Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has since taken helm of the company, guiding it through PR crises linked to Kalanick’s tenure that are continuing to bubble up.

In one controversy late last year, it came to light that Uber had paid hackers $100,000 following a massive security breach during Kalanick's time as CEO. The official line was that the money was paid through the bug bounty program where hackers flag vulnerabilities to the company. It was later reported that the money was paid in exchange for the hackers' silence about the breach.