Cambridge Analytica parent company bragged about interfering in elections: report

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The parent company of the U.K.-based data firm Cambridge Analytica touted efforts to interfere in the elections of other countries in a brochure obtained by the BBC

That brochure, which is believed to have been published prior to 2014, claims that the company, SCL Elections, organized rallies in Nigeria to discourage opposition supporters from voting in the country’s 2007 election. 

It also says that SCL Elections exploited ethnic tensions in Latvia’s 2006 elections on behalf of a client, the BBC reported. 


And in Trinidad and Tobago in 2010, the company put together an “ambitious campaign of political graffiti” that was portrayed as having come from young people, so that SCL Elections’s client party could “claim credit for listening to a ‘united youth,’ ” the brochure says.

SCL Elections was awarded contracts with the British government in 2008. The British Foreign Office told the BBC that it was unaware of the company’s alleged activity at the time the contracts were awarded.

Andrew Mitchell, the U.K.’s former international development secretary, said on BBC One’s “Sunday Politics” show that SCL Elections’s alleged actions “run totally counter to the policy of the British government in promoting free and fair elections in the developing world.”

Cambridge Analytica, which began in 2013 as an offshoot of SCL Elections, has come under fire in recent days after it was revealed that it exploited the personal data of millions of Facebook users. The firm worked on President Trump’s presidential campaign.  

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