Google bans bail bonds from ad platform

Google bans bail bonds from ad platform
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Google announced on Monday that it would no longer allow bail bond companies to buy advertisements on its ad platforms.

The company explained its decision was based on research showing that “for-profit bail bond providers make most of their revenue from communities of color and low-income neighborhoods when they are at their most vulnerable.”

The ban will go into effect in July.

In a post about their decision, Google touted having the support of Gina Clayton, executive director of the Essie Justice Group.

“Google's new policy is a call to action for all those in the private sector who profit off of mass incarceration,” she said.

Google has made similar decisions on areas that it’s deemed to be harmful. In 2016, the company opted to ban ads from predatory lending sites.

Other technology companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have also taken steps to prevent harmful ads from being displayed on their sites. Earlier this year, both companies opted to ban cryptocurrency ads from being shown on their platforms, citing the high amount of scams promoted through the ads.