YouTube apologizes for its treatment of LGBTQ content

YouTube apologizes for its treatment of LGBTQ content
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YouTube apologized to the LGBTQ community on Saturday over its enforcement of certain policies on its platform that have been criticized by LGBTQ YouTube video creators.

The Google-owned video streaming platform acknowledged that it "had issues" with "inappropriate ads" and concerns over how it enforces its monetization policy. Under the policy, YouTube strips ads from videos that violate its monetization terms of service, a practice which prevents the video’s creator from making a profit off of the video.

“We're sorry and we want to do better,” the company tweeted.

The company said it had “taken action on ads” that violated its terms of service and is working to tighten its enforcement of ads that violate its policies.

“When we hear concerns about how we’re implementing our monetization policy, we take them seriously and make improvements if needed,” YouTube's Twitter account wrote.


The company's tweets, coming at the end of LGBT Pride Month, follow criticism from members of the LGBTQ community earlier this month over YouTube's enforcement of its ad and monetization policies.

Users hammered the company for restricting and demonetizing LGBTQ videos that did not clearly violate YouTube’s policies. In some cases YouTube also placed anti-LGBTQ ads next to LGBTQ content.

At the time, YouTube said an engineering issue had lead to it “unintentionally filtering content” to the site.

The Outline previously noted that the mistaken enforcement had been occurring as early as August 2017.