Twitter suspended 58 million accounts last quarter of 2017

Twitter suspended 58 million accounts last quarter of 2017
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Twitter suspended at least 58 million accounts in the last quarter of 2017 according to numbers reviewed by the Associated Press.

The new figure comes after the company confirmed that it separately booted another 70 million fake accounts from its platform between May and June.

Twitter has been aggressively cracking down on fake accounts that have long plagued its platform. Analysts have speculated that Twitter in the past has been reluctant to kick off such users out of fear of hurting its user growth numbers.

The companies stock initially took a brief hit after news of its move to remove accounts.


Twitter’s willingness to ramp up enforcement might be influenced by its rising financial fortunes. Wall Street had downplayed the stock for years, but the company has been gaining favor with investors as it moves to significantly raise users and interaction.

Twitter is removing accounts as it tries to improve the quality and “health” of its platform.

During the 2016 election, bots and fake accounts spread misinformation that landed the company in hot water with lawmakers.

Twitter has 336 million monthly active users total. This number is based on accounts that have logged in within the last 30 days. As a result, the removed accounts have not made a significant impact on the total active account numbers.