Twitter apologizes after conservative activist was blocked from account

Twitter apologizes after conservative activist was blocked from account

Twitter apologized to conservative activist Candace Owens on Sunday after briefly locking her out of her account over tweets the company believed violated its content rules.

"We have restored your account, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused," the message, which Owens shared on Twitter, said. "Twitter takes reports of violations of the Twitter Rules very seriously. After reviewing your account, it looks like we made an error."

The email appeared to be a stock note from Twitter's support team.

Owens thanked her supporters, writing "BLOWN AWAY by the amount of patriots that just came to my side to make this happen."


Owens, an activist at the conservative group Turning Point USA, on Saturday used Twitter to criticize Sarah Jeong, a New York Times editorial writer. Jeong's recent hiring at the Times brought controversy after a number of racially insensitive tweets she had posted in the past resurfaced.

Jeong and the Times said that she was "imitating the rhetoric of her harassers" on Twitter. Jeong has expressed regret for the tweets.

Owens took the language of several of Jeong’s tweets but changed the race the tweets were referring to from “white” to “black.” In another tweet she replaced "white" with "Jewish."

Owens was blocked from her account after the tweets, a decision Twitter later rescinded.

In a phone interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Owens said she wrote the tweets to show that there is a double standard for racially charged statements.

“My point in tweeting that and replacing the word with black and Jewish yesterday was to show how different that mentality is when you see it in that context,” Owens told The Daily Caller.

She went on to call Jeong's language “horrifically racist.”

“We’ve gotten to a point in society where it’s OK to say the exact same thing about white people,” she added.

The controversy over Owens comes as Twitter faces claims from the right that it censors conservative users.

Twitter denies that it censors conservative content and says its only focus is on targeting abusive users or trolls.