Twitter restricts Infowars account

Twitter restricts Infowars account

Twitter has restricted the account of the right-wing conspiracy show Infowars just hours after taking action against its host, Alex Jones.

The Infowars account will be restricted from tweeting, but will still be able to browse Twitter and send direct messages. Users will also still be able to view the account.

“We haven't suspended the account but are requiring Tweets which contained a broadcast in violation of our rules are deleted,” a Twitter spokesperson said in an email.


The news was first reported by BuzzFeed News.

Both Jones and the Infowars account shared a video in which Jones urged his followers to get their “battle rifles” ready to fight media censorship.

Jones’s restriction will last a week. BuzzFeed reported the Infowars account would be in read-only mode for seven days, as well. The penalty can typically last between a few hours and seven days.

“@RealAlexJones is now in @Twitter prison!” Infowars tweeted Tuesday night.