FDA approves heart monitor in new Apple Watch

FDA approves heart monitor in new Apple Watch
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Apple on Wednesday unveiled its latest Apple Watch, which includes an FDA-approved electrocardiogram (ECG) app that will allow users to record and monitor their heart activity.

“The completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 4 continues to be an indispensable communication and fitness companion, and now with the addition of groundbreaking features, like fall detection and the first-ever ECG app offered directly to consumers, it also becomes an intelligent guardian for your health,” Apple COO Jeff Williams said Wednesday.

The app will alert users of any abnormal cardiovascular activity or if their heart rate goes above or below certain thresholds. 


In a joint statement, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Jeff Shuren, the director of the agency’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said that they had worked closely with Apple as the company developed the new feature.

“Health care products on ubitquitous [sic] devices, like smart watches, may help users seek treatment earlier and will truly empower them with more information about their health,” Gottlieb and Shuren said.

The device will be available in stores September 21.