Reagan hologram revealed at presidential library in California

Reagan hologram revealed at presidential library in California
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The Reagan Presidential Library and Hollywood-based special effects technicians on Wednesday revealed a hologram version of the 40th president recreating three separate scenes from his lifetime.

In one section of the Southern California-based library, The Associated Press reports,  Reagan smiles and waves to onlookers from aboard a train car during a 1984 campaign stop. In another, he appears in a suit and tie in the Oval Office. Visitors will be able to see a final hologram of Reagan standing next to his old dog, Victory, at his California ranch.

The AP reported that the first hologram was revealed on Wednesday, while the latter two will be opened to visitors at a later date.


The technicians behind the hologram also edited audio from real remarks Reagan made and generated them to pair with the holograms.

The AP reported that the firm Hologram USA used a silicone cast of Reagan's head to digitally recreate his visage for the hologram. The head was then digitally "placed" on an actor who portrayed the president in full costume for the three scenarios where the hologram is featured in the museum.

Reagan's facial movements are manipulated by computers, according to the AP.

Joanne Drake, a former chief of staff for Reagan after he left office in 1989, suggested to the news outlet that the holograms may go on the road to Washington, D.C., at some point.