Netanyahu’s son blocked from Facebook for posts promoting 'hate speech’

Facebook blocked Yair Netanyahu, the eldest son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for sharing what the social media giant called "hate speech" about Muslims and Palestinians.

The social media site suspended Yair Netanyahu’s account for 24 hours on Sunday after he shared a series of posts that many online complained were violating the platform’s community standards.

In one post, he reportedly said he was hopeful that the deaths of two Israeli soldiers who were killed by a Palestinian gunman would be “avenged,” saying: “There will never be peace with the monsters in human form known since 1964 as ‘Palestinians.’ ”


He also said in another post that he would prefer to live in an Israel where there weren’t any Muslims and added that no attacks occurred “in Iceland and Japan where coincidentally there are no Muslims.” 

Shortly after his account was suspended on Facebook, Yair Netanyahu reportedly took to Twitter to blast the tech giant, labeling them the “thought police,” and accusing the company of hosting “endless pages that call for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews” by contrast.

A spokesperson for Facebook later rejected his claims in a statement to The Hill and said it removed posts from his page as it would have also done for “anyone posting similar content about any protected characteristic.”

The company also said that his move to share an offensive screenshot in one of his posts is “the same as writing the hate speech all over again.”

“Facebook does not allow hate speech on the platform and will continue to enforce its policy," the spokesperson continued. "In addition, we want to emphasize that we never remove posts for criticizing the company and the claim that we are censoring criticism of the company on the platform is plainly untrue.”

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office did not respond to a request for comment from The Hill earlier on Tuesday.

The move to suspend Yair Netanyahu’s account comes as Facebook has made a broader effort to crack down on hate speech.

The company similarly banned Infowars founder Alex Jones from its platform for 30 days earlier this year over content that violated its community guidelines. It has also banned accounts associated with the far-right extremist group the Proud Boys after the group's recent violent attack on protesters in New York.